Virtual Event Production

Virtual Event Production

We are experts in the planning and execution of virtual and hybrid events,
meetings and thought leadership forums.

We specialize in the planning of complex multi-tiered events, including multiple concurrent sessions, language
translations and hybrid events. Through our unique production we ensure a seamless interface between live and
virtual elements of any event. Our unique 3D interactive tools and networking tools ensure that virtual audiences are
able to participate fully and feel included and enjoy any event.

Revolutionary New Experience in Virtual Events

Going from online virtual to 3D experiential

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Integrated Virtual Events Single Platform

One-stop-shop from event planning to execution

We are experts in the provision of both 2D and 2D event platforms, as well as streaming platforms for use in conferences, meetings and exhibitions. Over the years we have developed expertise in a variety of platforms and specifically, in building customized integrated solutions that meet their specific needs. Whether it is a need for networking, an integrated Website and App, or a need for translation, closed captioning, international sign language, or the incorporation of virtual exhibitions and/or sponsors, we will build an integrated platform that is just right for you.

  • Globally available, infinitely scalable
  • Live Streaming & Two-Way engagement
  • Visually stunning
  • Offline capability
  • Social tools & audience response
  • One platform manages the entire event
  • Real time updates
  • Multilingual/translation; up to 80 languages
  • Feature parity across desktop, mobile, even Apple TV

Event Registration and Tracking

  • Single sign in for registration, networking and streaming platforms
  • Accessible via Web based and Mobile based devices
  • Unique access link and QR code sent to each participant to ensure security
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Hybrid Events

We have pioneered a 3D toolkit for Virtual events Accessories and participation tools to engage both Live and Virtual attendees

We strive to engage and connect live and virtual attendees by sharing tools and accessories in a Virtual Event Toolkit which is provided to all attendees, whether live or remote (for remote attendees the toolkit is mailed to them).

  • Actual/Virtual badge
  • Virtual Interactive agenda and meeting/booking calendar
  • Virtual informational bulletin
  • Electronic Virtual venue maps on the App. Using our 3D tool, our virtual attendees can also "walk" the venue
  • Virtual/Digital meal/credit card with meal vouchers which can be redeemed at the venue or remotely to purchase food and beverages
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