Event Production

Event Production

At OmniSpace we create unique memorable event experiences, with a 360 degree planning process centered
around what the guest will see, hear and feel. We put the event guest at the center of the planning process, and use
a tried and true process that ensures perfectly executed events and consistent standards and quality. We specialize
in the production, planning and management of thought leadership forums, where interaction, dialog and discussion
and clear outcomes are the key deliverables of the event.

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Event Planning

We have a proven and unique planning process that has enabled us to deliver highly successful events time and time again. Through detailed preparation, tracking and measuring progress and through post-event reporting we ensure transparency and accountability to our clients. We have a series of proprietary planning, tracking and reporting tools that not only provide a roadmap for each event, but also serve as a blueprint for our Clients for future events. Throughout our strategic planning we focus on the clients objectives and ensure that our clients deliverables are met.

Our planning processes include (but not limited to): envisioning of event, establishing success criteria, program design and capabilities requirements/assessment, content Creation, talent and entertainment selection, development of event run of Show, storyboards, rehearsals/dry runs, technical production planning; technical/virtual event platforms, technical requirements assessment, digital interactive needs assessment, and post-production planning.

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3D Experiential Design

Our 3D experiential design is our unique process of designing event products, processes, services,
events, omnichannel journeys and environments with a focus placed on the quality of the guest experience.
We conduct research into the guest and client needs to present integrated and culturally relevant solutions.

Our experience design process is centered around the question: "what will our guest see, feel, smell, touch, hear?". We work with clients and partners and vendors
to integrate all aspects of the event, and relentlessly and meticulously test and refine to make for a seamless, accessible, and user-friendly unique experiences that will
delight our guests. In doing so we create experiences that will ensure that our clients' desired message and key takeaways and deliverables are achieved with each
and every event.

3D Experiential Design

Concept Development

The 3D experience begins with a single idea. We work with the client to develop a single conceptual representation, and reapply across all visual, tactile and audio aspects of the event. The Visual Identity and Brand Character are designed to complement those of the client.

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Design Application

The Concept is then reapplied throughout all aspects of the event, from the buildup of the event spaces, to the visuals and branding, and the sensory aspects including the culinary and audio/entertainment experiences and entertainment, providing a memorable and instantly recognizable identity that leaves a lasting positive impression on all attendees.

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Stages and Backdrops

We design and build custom stages and backdrops that complement the overall event theme.

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3D Décor

We work with clients to define the look and feel of the event space, ensuring that function fits form. Our spaces are fit for purpose, while delivering a pleasing aesthetic that brings to life the theme of the event across all 3 dimensions. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative and sustainable décor solutions, that deliver breathtaking results with minimal waste.

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Content Creation


we design customized websites for our clients with a view towards delivering the event objectives, whether
it be registrations, commitments, knowledge-sharing, or conference planning. Branding and longevity
and utility of the sites are key considerations in the design.

  • Custom Website Design & Development

    Custom Website Design & Development

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  • Mobile App Design

    Mobile App Design

    (with Integrated conference also)

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Social Media

We work with our clients to create customized, branded social media pages, and develop social media
plans that become an integral part of the communication strategy.

  • Social Media Plans

    Social Media Plans

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  • Customized Social Media Pages

    Customized Social Media Pages

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Graphics & Animatic Production

We have a team of graphic artists and animators, continuously trained on new age programs and effects.

This creative team is aligned with a fabrication and set design team, to create an 3D experience. The graphics
and animations features are applied to enhance screen presentations, videos and static visual, titling
of audiovisual content, breaker content and backdrops;
on pre-produced and live content!

Talent and Entertainment

We have a broad roster of international talent that enables us to deliver customized entertainment
solutions. We work with booking agents around the globe to find and book the perfect talent for each
occasion in any region. Where possible/preferred we
book local talent to provide exposure to influential audiences, and ensure that local communities
and talent benefit from events held in their region.

  • Live Entertainment

    Live Entertainment

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  • Professional Emcees & Moderators

    Professional Emcees & Moderators

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  • Live Captioning, live translation, sign language translation, Closed Captioning

    Live Captioning, live translation, sign language translation, Closed Captioning

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Promotional Material & Collateral

The visual manifestation of the concept is reapplied through branding of event content, venue branding and signage,
and branded promotional materials and collateral.

  • Venue Branding

    Venue Branding

    The visual manifestation of the concept is reapplied through
    branding of event content, venue branding and signage, and
    branded promotional materials and collateral.

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  • Customized Social Media Pages

    Branded Promotional Materials

    We design and provide innovative promotional materials that
    are designed for both utility and longevity.

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Promotional Material & Collateral

Virtual events Production

We are experts in the planning and execution of virtual and hybrid events, meetings and thought leadership forums.

We specialize in the planning of complex multi-tiered events, including multiple concurrent sessions, language translations and hybrid events. Through our unique production we ensure a seamless interface between live and virtual elements of any event. Our unique 3D interactive tools and networking tools ensure that virtual audiences are able to participate fully and feel included and enjoy any event.

Integrated Virtual Event Platforms

We are experts in the provision of both 2D and 2D event platforms, as well as streaming platforms for use in conferences, meetings and exhibitions. Over the years we have developed expertise in a variety of platforms and specifically, in building customized integrated solutions that meet their specific needs. Whether it is a need for networking, an integrated Website and App, or a need for translation, closed captioning, international sign language, or the incorporation of virtual exhibitions and/or sponsors, we will build an integrated platform that is just right for you.

Hybrid Events

We pride ourselves on our ability to seamlessly integrate both the live and virtual components of an event, enabling guests to join from wherever they choose, and enjoy the same experience. We have pioneered the "3D virtual event toolkit", an optional service that enables virtual attendees to participate in the activities and discourse as if they were physically present.

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Technical Production

We are the regions premier provider of state-of-the-art event technology.

We work with the region's premier providers of state-of-the-art event technology, to offer world-class technical production services from audiovisual services to filming and live streaming and broadcast services, recording and editing services, and cataloging and archiving of event digital content.

  • Audiovisual


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  • Digital Production

    Digital Production

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  • Virtual Event Production

    Virtual Event Production

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Venue Management

We work with the Client on all aspects of venue management from identification and procurement to venue operations, participant management, and venue staffing, and venue logistics.

We manage and coordinate all vendors at the site and work with the venue management to ensure that the event is delivered to our exacting standards.

  • Venue Management

    Participant Management

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  • Venue Mapping

    Venue Mapping

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  • Promotions and Activation

    Promotions and Activation

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Hospitality and Logistics

We manage all provision of event logistical services from flights and accommodation to ground transportation and airport meet and assist and VIP protocol arrangements.

We also manage all hospitality arrangements from booking of hotels and flights, to coordination of local transportation, to local travel and tours. We set up hospitality service desks as required at the venue and/or accommodations as required.

  • Management of Hotel Bookings

    Management of Hotel Bookings

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  • Hotel and Venue Hospitality

    Hotel and Venue Hospitality

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  • VIP/Airport Protocol

    VIP/Airport Protocol

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Ground Transportation Services

  • Luxury Transportation

    Luxury Transportation

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  • Mapping and Tracking

    Mapping and Tracking

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  • Booking and Tracking

    Booking and Tracking

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Event Management

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